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Rusegy Launches The Kit

Rusegy and The Kit launches website, which is owned by Mrs. Heba El Kaissy, one of the top beauty experts in the MENA Region. The site includes a full free section on care and beauty information, in addition to booking educational courses.

It is noteworthy that Mrs. Heba El Kaissy offers free training courses for women who are fighting incurable diseases, she is known for having women in her close circle of friends and family battling with that beast, all she can think of is how to give back to them. All Cancer patients as well as Cancer Survivors get all her services and courses free for life. She believes that they do not have to win the battle as long as they win the war in the end. Ladies.

You can now book a free 15 minutes consultation session with one of Rusegy experts to answer all of your questions for your startup or well established business.

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