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Business Websites

Rusegy offers one of the most popular and versatile types of websites out there, a business website that can be designed depending on the business model. You'd be able to showcase your business, sell or market a product, create a booking or reservation system. You name it.


eCommerce Websites

Rusegy are named experts when it comes to eCommerce websites and online stores. Our solutions help our customer make money online easily with a user and mobile friendly website designs.

Blog Websites

We create your unique blog, whether you are a blogger or a business. Rusegy offers elegantly designed blogs to fit every business and individual that is sharable on all social platforms and accessible from  your phone.


Portfolio Websites

Showcase your best work, our portfolio websites allows creative professionals a place to show your audience your work whether you are an artist, designer, writer, filmmaker or a furniture building. You can also use it a resume that will take you places.

Magazine & News Websites

Magazines and news are also a solution we provide, unlike blogs they are focused on journalism rather than personal interests.  Digital fashion, news outlet, industrial magazine. You name it!


Landing Page Websites

A single page website which is usually used to incite one main action such as a visitor being converted into a lead. Many marketing agencies uses landing pages for the purposes of generating leads.

Event Websites

Everything is online, the world moved to the online space, event websites are extremely popular now. You can use the website to add all event details, schedules, transportation and maps. People can book your events and buy tickets with places to RSVP and links to registries.


Membership Websites

Membership websites can be used for online pad magazines or any other service that requires membership. It can be used to manage your audience and if done right it can be a great method for generating money.


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